Intermenstrual Bleeding (IMB)/ Bleeding Between Menses

What causes intermenstrual bleeding (IMB)?

IMB refers to bleeding that occurs between menstrual periods. There are multiple potential causes. These causes include growths of the cervix and uterus, abnormal pregnancies, hormonal imbalance, vaginal dryness, pelvic infection, medication and IUD side effects, and pelvic cancers.

There are 1-2% of women that simply have spotting around the time of ovulation, and there is no underlying issue. However, evaluation of intermenstrual bleeding is definitely indicated to make sure that an underlying problem is not overlooked.

What can I expect at Marina Shores OBGYN?

At the time of your office visit, a history will be taken and an exam will be done. Pregnancy testing, hormonal evaluation, testing for infection with cultures, complete blood cell count, pelvic ultrasound, Pap smear/HPV testing, and possible biopsy may be indicated. All of this testing is available on site at Marina Shores OBGYN for your convenience.


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