Perimenopausal Abnormal Bleeding

What is perimenopausal abnormal bleeding?

As women approach menopause, the incidence of anovulatory uterine bleeding increases. Most bleeding changes at this time are related to normal menopausal transition, but endometrial hyperplasia and cancer need to be ruled out. Perimenopause starts with the onset of cycle irregularity and ends one year after the last menses.

The average age of menopause in developed countries is 51.4, and the average duration of the menopausal transition is 4 years. Pregnancies, although rare, may still occur until one full year without menses. Therefore, for women without contraindications, hormonal contraception, rather than hormone therapy, should be used for pregnancy prevention, menstrual control and relief of perimenopausal symptoms in women at risk. Premenopausal use of hormone therapy will not provide menstrual regularity or contraception.

Treatment for Perimenopausal Abnormal Bleeding

The treatment approach to perimenopausal abnormal uterine bleeding is usually medical, because it is an underlying hormonal abnormality. Surgical therapy is indicated if medical therapy fails, is contraindicated, is not tolerated by the patient, or the patient has intracavitary lesions such as polyps or fibroids.

At Marina Shores OBGYN, I can help to evaluate and manage your issues with perimenopausal bleeding.


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