Adnexal Mass in Pregnancy

What is an Adnexal Mass?

Adnexal mass in pregnancy refers to a mass or growth in the pelvis, outside of the uterus, which can occur during a pregnancy.  Most of these masses are benign (non-cancerous) simple ovarian cysts, less than 5cm in size.

And the majority of these masses found during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy will spontaneously resolve by 20 weeks gestation.  But if an adnexal mass persists well into the second trimester and is greater than 10 cm in diameter or complex (being solid or having both solid and cystic areas), removal in the second trimester is recommended.  Surgical intervention is to diagnose malignancy or to reduce the risk of torsion (twisting), or rupture.


At Marina Shores OBGYN there is experienced obstetric ultrasound specialist on site for your convenience.  She can help to pick up adnexal masses during pregnancy that might otherwise be asymptomatic, thereby allowing for appropriate medical care.Gynecologic oncology consultation is available in the community should there be a concern regarding potential malignancy.  Any indicated surgical intervention would be arranged.





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