Obstetric Services

Pre-conception Counseling

Prenatal care:

  • Ordering appropriate lab tests
  • screening for genetic syndromes
  • screening for chromosomal abnormalities
  • gestational diabetes screening
  • non stress tests
  • obstetric ultrasounds

Obstetric Ultrasounds:

Obstetric Ultrasounds are done in our office every other Monday and every Thursday. Please make sure to drink 6 large glasses of any fluid (water, juice, sports drink) 1 hour PRIOR to your appointment. Please refrain from emptying your bladder, your bladder must be full for the ultrasound. There is a $30 fee for a DVD of your ultrasound screening if you wish to purchase one.

  • [Dr. Warren is] very friendly and funny to talk to [...] The staff is great!

    Maria C.
  • She is awesome. I really felt like she cared. She told me don't worry she would take care of me!

    Whitney G.
  • She was very helpful and professional. The staff was excellent, I would definitely refer Dr. Warren to my friends.

    Heather R.
  • She clarified things with me that I didn't understand and just overall she was good.

    Kacey H.
  • Very Warm & Caring.....Nice clean organized office.

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