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Why does heavy menstrual bleeding occur?

Many women seek medical care for heavy menstrual bleeding because it impacts their daily activities and quality of life.

The normal menstrual cycle lasts between 21-35 days, and the duration of normal menstrual flow is about 5 days. Excessive blood loss is based upon patient perception.


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What is post-menopausal bleeding?

Post-menopausal bleeding refers to vaginal bleeding which occurs after menopause, or one year after cessation of menses. It creates concern for many women.

Most women with post-menopausal bleeding experience the symptom due to atrophic changes of the vagina or of the lining of the uterus, meaning that the tissues have become very thin causing them to bleed easily.


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What is perimenopausal abnormal bleeding?

As women approach menopause, the incidence of anovulatory uterine bleeding increases. Most bleeding changes at this time are related to normal menopausal transition, but endometrial hyperplasia and cancer need to be ruled out. Perimenopause starts with the onset of cycle irregularity and ends one year after the last menses.


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